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The new PiKS System is now available!

There are over 11,000 Logwood Kitchen Management screens installed. The ‘no nonsense’, inexpensive approach to the design coupled with extensive reporting via Email, Web and reporting suite has gained supporters across the hospitality industry.

Logwood have now released the first part of a brand new collection of hardware and software that provides both exciting enhancements to existing systems and new systems based on all new PiKS hardware/software.


Recent advances in hardware for ‘the internet of everything’ has given Logwood the opportunity to change the KS system to use individual processors for each screen, without making everything too expensive.

The PiKS system is based on the Broadcom BCM2836 ARM v7 Quad Core Processor running at 1.4GHz. It has 1GB RAM and an 8GB SD flash card.

Measuring just 4cm x 6cm x 9cm and robustly packaged in stainless steel for the harsh kitchen environment; the PiKS unit carries a 3 year warranty (the same as Logwood bump bars).

An Ethernet port provides communications with the rest of the system.

It is equipped with 4 USB and two keypad ports that are compatible with all 15000+ touch bump bars that Logwood have ever shipped. Two keypad ports enable a single screen to be used simultaneously by two operators.

An IR port means that TV remote controls may be used for infrequent use. As well as touch screens for ‘front of house’.

An HDMI output provides a high definition video output capable of 1080p video and 5.1 audio.

The PiKS unit is the same price as a logwood bump bar


The new software has been designed to be recognisable to existing KS users – but makes maximum use of the enhanced hardware/software environment.

The ‘bar/manager’ screen now supports a bump bar to allow ‘set/check’ table, table away, move table and the display of table contents.

The software is designed to automatically recognise physical screen size and scale accordingly – so a larger screen will show more information in very high resolution.

Screens may be ‘split’ so that two bump bars can control a single screen. E.g. a bar screen on the top of the screen and a dispense screen on the bottom. Both controlled independently by a bump bar.


Each PiKS unit maintains a ‘database’ of orders on the system and their status.

An entire IP based communications system called PiNet has been developed by Logwood so that a ‘server’ containing the KS system logic may reside on an old type ‘silver box’ or another PiKS unit.

Although the ‘server’ software could run on a PC – a PiKS unit has plenty of resource to run it and so a PC is not required for operation. The architecture allows for multiple PiKS units to act as servers – reducing single points of failure. Currently, up to 40 PiKS units are supported on a single system.


As the PiKS system has complete hardware and software compatibility with Logwood’s touch bump bars to give mouse pad type control over the screen, bump bars from old KS systems may be used with the new PiKS system .

Reporting is unaffected and will continue to be enhanced.

Release v1.7 of the KS software for ‘silver box’ old type multi-screen processors supports the new PiKS units and so they may be added to old systems to add or replace screens, without modifying or replacing the remaining hardware.

For example, replacing an old type ‘bar/manager’ screen currently driven by a CAT5 converter with a PiKS screen and bump bar could be accomplished without any additional cabling. The bump bar could then be used for ‘set/check’ table, table away etc. or for dispense (perhaps with split screen and another bump bar).


The PiKS units run Linux (although they also support Windows 10).

The KS software has been rewritten in a development environment known as Qt using C++.

This enables the software to run under all varieties of Linux (including Android and iOS) and Windows (running on various types of hardware and processor).

A powerful GPU (graphics processor) and a 4 core processor, coupled with lots of memory and the Qt environment has enabled Logwood to make maximum use of modern graphics techniques; resulting in crisp, readable hi-resolution displays.

The Hardware/Software is like that used in industrial, instrumentation, aviation and automotive industries and is much more suited for this type of application than a Windows/Intel type system


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Logwood have been developing computer systems for QSR, Fine Dining and Table Service Restaurants since 1991.  We are an R&D company specialising in applications that are beyond the scope of most EPOS systems.

We provide solutions, via EPOS suppliers, for customers who want to get the best out of the EPOS technology and improve the efficiency of their operation...

"We have introduced new technology to ensure consistent 15 minutes food service time, which has helped to push mystery guest scores above 90% for the first time"

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"PiKS is a great system, it reduces wait times for the customer, it creates better work flow in the kitchen, no-one has to grab for checks and the checks don't get lost, also there is no replacing paper till rolls mid service, described as an extra pair of hands in two sites"

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"Love the KMS, it's been brilliant, had a really busy Saturday and it helped sooo(sic) much."

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