Get My Sales - Reports

GetMySales Reports show you quickly and concisely how your outlets are performing

The GetMySales reports give you all the information you need about the sales at your outlets.  The reports include tables and charts to quickly give you a visual representation of their performance.

The All Outlets Summary report shows today's sales, how those sales were distributed across the day and the prevailing weather conditions.  It also shows sales for the last 7 days.  This report serves as a quick overview of how busy your estate is.

The Daily Performance report shows, in a little more detail, sales across locations and categories along with payments.  Clicking on an order reveals everything on that order, who served which items at what time and how the bill was paid.

Other reports include :-

  • Daily Returns, showing all items returned.
  • Performance Snapshot, compare this years performance to last year.
  • Server Daily Sales, detailing everything sold and by whom.
  • Weather vs. Sales, Item Sales by Period, Items Prepared by Period and more are available.

Quote Unquote

'I'm often away from site but with GetMySales I can see very quickly how busy my operation has been and which items are selling.'

'It also gives me the ability to look at sales data, right down to individual orders, when there are anomalies.'

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