Get My Sales - Alerts

GetMySales Alerts notify you, anywhere in the world of an event

Could today be your busiest day ever?
Was last week your busiest week ever?
Have you stopped sending us sales data?
Have there been a lot of refunded items today?

Our alerting system can notify you, by email or even by text message direct to your mobile telephone anywhere in the world, when a predefined event occurs.

If you are on-site and you receive a text message part way through a busy session telling you that you are only ?500 away from achieving your highest days sales ever, you can relay this information to your staff and perhaps incentivise or reward them for their hard work.

When you are away from site, wouldn't you be interested to know that one of your staff has made returns of over $400 in a single session?

Would you like to receive a text message while you eat your breakfast, telling you how busy your sites were last night?

These alerts and more are all available through GetMySales and can all be configured to your requirements.

Quote Unquote

'I'm often away from site but with GetMySales I can see very quickly how busy my operation has been and which items are selling.'

'It also gives me the ability to look at sales data, right down to individual orders, when there are anomalies.'

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