REAM brings improved profitability to the food service operator.

Using Hand Held Terminals to take orders at the table;

  • Removes the need for handwritten paper orders
  • Removes the need the waiters to trek back and forth to the kitchen or POS terminal between orders
  • Removes the need for waiters to queue for their turn at the till
  • Increases the availability of waiting staff to take orders

Reducing the time between taking the order and it arriving at the table;

  • Improves the rate of table turn
  • Decreases the rate of customer walkouts

Similarly, the order accuracy attained by using PDA's can reduce costs by;

  • Decreasing wastage
  • Increasing repeat business

Quote Unquote

'The restaurant has always been full to capacity.  The Logwood Hand Held system allowed us to increase that capacity by improving table turn.'

'Sales are up 10% on last year.'

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