The Logwood Hand Held system ? Ream ? sits between your EPOS system and the Hand Held terminals.

Ream talks directly to the API of your EPOS system and, importantly, runs only a browser on the hand held terminals.  The terminals themselves operate on standard IEEE 802.11 wireless technology.

Products, prices, operators and orders in progress are all shared between the EPOS system and the hand held terminals.

Running only a browser on the PDA means:-

  1. If the PDA dies mid-order, just pick up another or continue the order on the POS terminal.
  2. You don?t need to be able to predict the imminent flat-battery / loss / breakage of your PDA to save the order.
  3. Menu changes need only be made on your EPOS system, there is no update required to the PDA ? and therefore no opportunity to forget to do it!
  4. It doesn't matter how big your menu (and database) is, it's not stored on the PDA.
  5. No need to cradle the PDA, except to charge the battery.

The fact that we run on standard 802.11 technology means you can buy a PDA ?off the shelf?, rather than being tied to one vendor, though we do recommend Symbol equipment.

Quote Unquote

'The restaurant has always been full to capacity.  The Logwood Hand Held system allowed us to increase that capacity by improving table turn.'

'Sales are up 10% on last year.'

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