Kitchen Screen Reports

Gain an insight into your operation with the Kitchen Screen Reports

You will gain many advantages by utilising a Kitchen Screen System; efficiency of operation, predictable service times, brand consistency and more.

Replacing a paper-based operation with a computerised one has other benefits however; it allows the collation of 'metrics'.

By measuring and comparing these metrics, the Reporting System can show you :-

  • Preparation and Wait times
  • Which items take longest to prepare
  • Which combinations of items cause your kitchen problems
  • The impact of new Menu Items
  • How best to utilise your staff
  • When your kitchens are working to capacity
  • If you kitchen is coping at peak times
  • ...and much more.

The KS Reporting System can run for a single site on a back-office PC or for multiple sites on a centralised database.  Interested parties can then compare and contrast data across the whole estate with this powerful reporting tool.


Quote Unquote

'The Kitchen Screen Reports give us factual, impartial insight into the day-to-day operation of the Kitchen.'

'After all, you can't control what you can't measure.'

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