KS Resellers

Where can I get a KS system?

We provide the Logwood Kitchen Screen system through your EPOS supplier.

We already interface to many EPOS systems, so it's likely our Kitchen Management system can just slot into your operation.

If we don't have an interface to your existing EPOS solution, we can normally develop one quickly and without any time or effort from your EPOS provider (reducing cost).

If you don't currently have an EPOS solution, you may wish to consider one of the following operators with whom we already have close working relationships.

ZonalMark Isaac
TorexFiona Stafford
SquirrelDavid Jones
UniwareMike Brand

or contact us for a full list.

Quote Unquote

'The Logwood Kitchen Screen System brings improvements in terms of operation efficiency and order accuracy'.

'It's also like having a mystery diner on the premises 24/7'

'It is a tool - not a gadget!'

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