The Logwood Kitchen Management System

Improve the quality, consistency and speed of food service.

Does your sophisticated EPOS system just drop paper orders into the kitchen and leave the rest of the process to an error prone, antiquated manual system?

With over 10,000 screens installed, the Logwood Kitchen Management System has a record of improving performance in the kitchens of a whole range of outlets.

Installed for the first time in 1997 the system has been developed and constantly enhanced by Logwood, providing intelligent features to control and report on your kitchen operation.

It is of primary importance that a system such as this is extremely reliable, easy to use and inexpensive.  These design goals have remained core to the development of the product and have resulted in a system that is definitely a tool and not a gadget like some competitive products.

A single wall mounted controller can drive up to 8 screens and Bump Bars, allowing fully featured systems to be installed in a cost effective and efficient way.

The Logwood KS System reduces food service times by providing greater operational efficiency and immediate feedback of order times to staff.  Reporting is provided to highlight long service times, service problems and even menu items that cause food preparation issues.  Food service times are improved and customer complaints are reduced.  Kitchens are quieter, less stressful and more efficient.

Quote Unquote

'The Logwood Kitchen Screen System brings improvements in terms of operation efficiency and order accuracy'.

'It's also like having a mystery diner on the premises 24/7'

'It is a tool - not a gadget!'

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