Reasons to look at Logwood

Over 10 years experience of KMS - over 10,000 screens installed, mostly in UK table service restaurants.

Logwood have been designing kitchen systems for table service operations for over 10 years. We do not insist the kitchen operation is changed to suit the way the system works - the system is configured to suit the way your operation works.

I've never heard of Logwood - why not?

Over eighty five percent of our staff work on R&D, not sales and marketing. We do not sell our products directly and don't generally advertise. People normally hear about us by word of mouth or by seeing our systems in use.

I've seen systems with lots of exciting features. I've also seen the Logwood system being used and it didn't have these.

We support just about every feature you may have seen, but a properly configured kitchen management system should do what a busy, pressurised kitchen requires of it and no more. We work with the customer to select features from an extensive list and configure the system to minimise superfluous functionality and the effort and expertise required to operate it.

Other systems use touch screens in the kitchen. Why don't Logwood?

We do sometimes use touch screens for specialised applications, but generally do not.


Touch screens are expensive and relatively easy to damage. A chef using a knife, for example, will damage the screen (yes, it does happen).

Units with a touch screen have to be mounted within touching distance of the chef. We often mount large monitors on convenient surfaces (or from the ceiling) away from the cook line (where they would be in the way and perhaps subject to excessive heat), but still easy to see. As touch screens have to be prodded to be used, they have to be mounted very securely - on a pole from the ceiling is not good enough as it will be broken by sheer leverage. Where will you put them?

As they are touched - and close to the food preparation area - touch screens have to be kept very clean for environmental health reasons. Will the units be damaged whilst being cleaned?

Our screens are controlled remotely by a Bump Bar unit designed by us for use in this harsh environment. These units have a touch strip (similar to the one on a laptop) and six rugged keys to select orders and features and may be mounted amongst all the heat and hardware of the kitchen. A three year warranty and low price to repair make these cost effective.

Other systems use an especially housed PC for each screen in the kitchen. Logwood uses a single processor box to drive all the screens. Why is this better?

There is a trend in kitchen management systems to put full touch screen PCs in the kitchen that are not specifically designed for the environment (merely re-housed in a metal box).

Do you want to put four or more full PCs on your cook-line?

The only equipment in a Logwood kitchen are inexpensive PC monitors and our small, rugged Bump Bars.

All the screens and Bump Bars are driven by a single controller box - mounted as far as 30 metres away (more if required). The KS controller is designed by us specifically for this task and this environment, with practicality, reliability and robust simplicity in mind.

With other systems I can use cheap and generic hardware. The Logwood system will only work with Logwood hardware. Isn't this more expensive?

You may ignore all the comments above and believe that using cheap generic hardware will be less expensive. This is simply not true for all but the smallest systems (where our one screen system may be more appropriate). Multiply up the cost of all the generic hardware you will need and the Logwood system will come out less expensive.

Long term, the cost of supporting and maintaining all the extra, less reliable, hardware will mount up..  ..and the kitchen will not thank you for all the down time.

Quote Unquote

'Do you buy your system from a company that spends 80% of its budget on development, or 80% of its budget on marketing?'
- Kari, Squirrel

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