Squirrel Systems

Logwood has been working closely with Squirrel Systems to develop products

We have worked closely with Squirrel Systems for some time in the development of our products.


Ream utilises the Squirrel Gateway to communicate with the EPOS system.  All the core functionality and many of the 'extras' are available on the Hand Held.

Hand Held functionality includes :-

  • Order taking
  • Payments
  • Multiple Departments
  • Members / Loyalty
  • Room Service
  • Promos
  • QSA
  • EFT

Logwood Hand Helds offer the Squirrel reseller an opportunity to add value to existing customers or offer additional functionality to potential new customers.

The system is easy to install, easy to maintain and requires very little hardware.


GetMySales allows Squirrel resellers to offer a full hosted reporting system to their customers, with low setup costs, low maintenance and almost no work!

Once a site is up and running, normally the only thing to go wrong is the sites internet connection.  Once restored the backlog of data is automatically uploaded and normal service resumed.

Quote Unquote

'The Logwood Kitchen Screen System brings improvements in terms of operation efficiency and order accuracy'.

'It's also like having a mystery diner on the premises 24/7'

'It is a tool - not a gadget!'

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