EPOS Dealers and Developers

We develop products so you don't have to

Our aim is to develop products that complement EPOS systems and therefore create an opportunity to maximise the benefits you provide to your customers (and your income from them).  In a tough sales environment our products allow you to offer solutions to existing customers as they strive for greater efficiency.

We market directly to customers, but never sell direct; only through the dealer that supplies the customer with their EPOS system.

All our products link in one way or another to an EPOS system.  If we don't currently have an interface to your system, get in touch; we may be able to design one without any need for you to write a line of code.

We have three major products:-

KS - Kitchen Management System

A full featured system with well over 1000 installations.  Designed to be solid, reliable and configurable for just about any kitchen operation.  As a company we have over 10 years experience in this difficult and often little understood field.  You will get as much support as you need from us.


A completely hosted web based reporting system.  Giving your customers access to their data, including EMail and Text alerts.  You don't have to maintain anything, we do all the work and you charge the customer for the service. 

If your EPOS system can export sales data (or it's in a database) then we can get the data into GetMySales.

Ream - Hand Held System

A browser based hand held product using standard PDA's.  The system benefits from holding no data on the PDA - an advantage when they can disappear off the network or run out of battery without notice.

A full featured interface is available for integration into your EPOS product.  Squirrel dealers can see more here.

Quote Unquote

'The Logwood Kitchen Screen System brings improvements in terms of operation efficiency and order accuracy'.

'It's also like having a mystery diner on the premises 24/7'

'It is a tool - not a gadget!'

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