Page or SMS Your Guests

Let Text2Seat inform your customers when their table is ready

Text2Seat can send an SMS Text Message direct to your customers mobile phone when their table is ready, allowing you to run a virtual queueing system. 

Your guests can be contacted automatically, whether they decide to stay on the premises or go for a drink in the bar next door. 

Reducing the number of guests waiting on the premises allows you to make better use of your floor space.

Text2Seat tracks what time the text message was sent and what time it was received. 

If the message is not received immediately, the system will keep on trying for an hour and let you know of its progress.

Text2Seat can also interface to your existing pager system to alert customers on the premises.


Is simple, quick and easy to use

Manages your tables

Manages your wait list

Can SMS customers

Gives you information

Gives you control

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