Reasons to look at a Kitchen Management System

Why would you want a Kitchen Screen system?

  • Are your restaurants ever full to capacity with people waiting for tables?  Calculate the benefit of turning tables faster here.

  • Are you spending too much on kitchen staff?

  • Do you only find out that a site is failing to provide the customer service your brand requires when you get letters of complaint, or customers just don't return?  Click here to calculate the cost of Customer Walkouts, or here for the cost of Wastage.

  • Does your sophisticated EPOS system just drop paper orders into the kitchen and leave the rest of the process to an error prone, antiquated and manually controlled system?

  • When it's busy, do you require only your best, most experienced staff in the kitchen?

  • Do you struggle to ensure 'best practices' in all your kitchens across the estate?

  • Do kitchen staff complain about the impact of particular dishes on your kitchens?

  • Does your kitchen sometimes look like the floor of the old stock exchange - people shouting and paper all over the floor?

  • Have you ever introduced a new menu and seen sales drop and can't work out why?

  • Do your staff struggle with course timing?

  • Is your kitchen remote from your seating area, on a different floor perhaps?

  • Do you want to know your real, everyday kitchen performance, rather than just your mystery diner results?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES - than a kitchen management system will provide you with considerable benefits.  Contact us to discuss how.

Quote Unquote

'It was only after examining the Kitchen Screen Reports we realised serving a mixed grill on a busy Friday lunch time was causing us major problems.'

'We removed it from the menu.  Customers got their food faster, the kitchen ran more efficiently and profits went up.'

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