Get My Sales

Your figures, when and where you want them

GetMySales is a web based reporting system that gives you access to your current and historical sales figures from any PC with internet access.  Data is sent from your EPOS system to our servers and we take care of the rest.  Particularly useful if you're not always on site to get at your data or if you have a number of sites and wish to compare them from anywhere in the world.

With GetMySales email alerts can be triggered by user definable events.  A text message can be delivered, direct to a mobile phone anywhere in the world, when a sales record is close to being beaten!

If you have a business that performs better if the sun is shining (or vice versa), we record weather local to your sites for comparison and analysis.

Quote Unquote

'I'm often away from site but with GetMySales I can see very quickly how busy my operation has been and which items are selling.'

'It also gives me the ability to look at sales data, right down to individual orders, when there are anomalies.'

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