Ream - The Logwood Hand Held System

Hand Held table ordering improves order accuracy and speed of service

The Logwood Hand Held System (REAM) replaces the traditional pad and pen and links to your existing EPOS system.  Waiters enter the customers order at the table on a Hand Held terminal / PDA.  As well as the basic order, any changes or special requests can also be entered, for example, how the customer wants their steak or whether or not they want mushrooms.

The Hand Held System has always most commonly been used in outside areas, where it may be impractical to site a traditional POS terminal.  Increasingly however, customers are seeing many of the same benefits indoors; greater accuracy in order taking, more time spent on 'the floor' and a smoother more efficient operation. 

It never fails to impress when drinks start arriving at the table before the food order is finished!

Quote Unquote

'The restaurant has always been full to capacity.  The Logwood Hand Held system allowed us to increase that capacity by improving table turn.'

'Sales are up 10% on last year.'

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